WSL KG Long Angle Clamp with Swivel And Ball Joint

The WSL KG angle clamp is probably the most universal clamp on the market. It features a swivel and a ball joint which allows the positioning of components in nearly every angle.

The clamping mechanism is robust and keeps the components in place.

The WSL KG clamp can replace several traditional clamps and arms that are necessary to achieve the same angle as a single WSL KG. The new clamp is therefore ideal for compact and complex EOAT applications.


Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]Ball joint G [°]Swivel area [°]MaterialWeight [g]
1-106-53-00WSL KG X 10102032.550120 - 13+/- 90°Aluminium60
1-106-56-00WSL KG X 14142538.560150 - 17+/- 90°Aluminium125
1-106-59-00WSL KG JU 2020355082200 - 19+/- 90°Aluminium305

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