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Part No.DescriptipnABCDStroke HSwitchWeight
1-770-00-00SFP NO176127M17x14620NO108
1-770-00-00SFP NC176127M17x14620NC108

SFP Robot Guiding Sensor is a spring compensated gripper arm with an internal magnet. It is designed for the following applications:

1. An optional magnetic field sensor can be used to signal the robot to slow down and “search” until the fixed position sensor at the end of the barrel signals the robot to stop.

2. If the pickup or delivery  position varies (i.e. moving platen of an injection molding machine) the robot can use the fixed position sensor signal to move until the sensor becomes active

The unit is available with NO or NC sensor. NC is preferred for safety reasons.

The application example shows the SFP with the optional magnetic field sensor MFS T2 3.7 and the sensor mounting bracket SH MFS


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