GAF Compensated Gripper Arm for Vacuum Cups

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Air fitting can be installed at the bottom or on the side. One port is closed with a hex plug.

HEX Plugs are supplied

M = Threaded Shaft for use in plates

Part No.DescriptionL SystemX SystemJU SystemA [mm] ["]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]H [mm]Spring Travel [mm]MaterialWeight [g]
1-356-00-00GAF U 10-M5-M5-10xx-M 510631025M 510St/Brass33
1-356-09-00GAF U M 10-M5-M5-10xx-M 510631025M 510St/Brass41
1-356-02-00GAF U 14-1/8-1/8-15-xxG1/816721425M 515Al/Brass51
1-356-03-00GAF U 14-1/8-1/8-40-xxG1/816971425M 540Al/Brass55
1-356-11-00GAF U M 14-1/8-1/8-15-xxG1/816721425M 515Al/Brass69
1-356-12-00GAF U M 14-1/8-1/8-40-xxG1/816971425M 540Al/Brass73
1-356-04-00GAF U 20-1/4-1/8-20-xxG1/4201092050G1/820Al/Brass126
1-356-05-00GAF U 20-1/4-1/8-50-xxG1/4201392050G1/850Al/Brass134
1-356-13-00GAF U M 20-1/4-1/8-20-xxG1/4201092050G1/820Al/Brass167
1-356-14-00GAF U M 20-1/4-1/8-50-xxG1/4201392050G1/850Al/Brass175

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