GGS W Gripper Suspension Non Rotating with Swievel

GGS W is used for adding compliance to grippers

The improved swivel locking mechanism features an increased clamping area.

The non rotating shaft keeps the gripper aligned


Part No.DescriptionABCDEF CompensationGMaterialWeight
1-362-03-00GGS W 10-10-1010148710241025AL/Brass47
1-362-09-00GGS W 14-14-15141811414331432AL/Brass88
1-362-21-00GGS W 20-20-20202316020412055AL/Brass207
1-362-15-00GGS W 14-14-40141813914334032AL/Brass83
1-362-27-00GGS W 20-20-50202319020415055AL/Brass200

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