GGS Spring Compensated Gripper Arm with Swievel for Vaccum Cups

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GGS Spring Compensated Gripper Arm with Swivel for Vacuum Cups

GAF is an assembly consisting of a brass sleeve, a stainless steel spring, a hollow octagon shaped, hard coated aluminum shaft and a swivel head with 2 threaded air ports.  We do recommend a L fitting for use on the side port. The M version has a threaded sleeve and 2 clinch nuts. The material composition of the shaft and the sleeve provide a lifetime lubrication. The use of lubricants is not recommended because it will attract dirt and increases friction and wear. The non-rotational shaft is necessary if vacuum cups are tilted or if oval vacuum cups are used
M = Threaded Shaft for use in plates

Part No.Description L SystemX SystemJU System G [mm]A [mm] B [mm]C [mm]D [mm] E [mm]
1-360-03-00GGS 10-M5-M5-10xx-23M 51270105.5
1-360-06-00GGS M10-M5-M5-10xx-23M 51270M10x15.5
1-360-09-00GGS 14-1/8-1/8-15-xx38G 1/81690148
1-360-12-00GGS M14-1/8-1/8-15-xx38G 1/81690M14x18
1-360-15-00GGS 14-1/8-1/8-40-xx38G 1/816114148
1-360-18-00GGS M14-1/8-1/8-40-xx38G 1/816114M14x18
1-360-21-00GGS 20-1/4-1/4-20-xx47G 1/4201262010
1-360-24-00GGS M20-1/4-1/4-20-xx47G 1/420126M20x1.510
1-360-27-00GGS 20-1/4-1/4-50-xx47G 1/4201562010
1-360-30-00GGS M20-1/4-1/4-50-xx47G 1/420156M20x1.510
Part No. Description Suspension [mm] G [mm]  H [mm] Material Weight [g]
1-360-03-00GGS 10-M5-M5-101014.525Al/St/Brass34.9
1-360-06-00GGS M10-M5-M5-101014.525Al/St/Brass40.2
1-360-09-00GGS 14-1/8-1/8-15152032Al/St/Brass80.3
1-360-12-00GGS M14-1/8-1/8-15152032Al/St/Brass91.3
1-360-15-00GGS 14-1/8-1/8-40402032Al/St/Brass90
1-360-18-00GGS M14-1/8-1/8-40402032Al/St/Brass101.3
1-360-21-00GGS 20-1/4-1/4-20202455Al/St/Brass190.4
1-360-24-00GGS M20-1/4-1/4-20202455Al/St/Brass212.1
1-360-27-00GGS 20-1/4-1/4-50502455Al/St/Brass208.2
1-360-30-00GGS M20-1/4-1/4-50502455Al/St/Brass230.2

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