IGP gripper are used to grip parts by expanding in a hole (ID-GRIPPER) Please watch this VIDEO for more info. The IGP grippers are made on a  SLS (Select Laser Sintering) machine. They are inexpensive, light weight and are tested to last 2 million cycles. A fine air filter FSL is recommended. An optional ICS 8 sensor can be fitted to sense the  gripper closed position.

Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm] Grip AreaF [mm]Suggested Payload 
Max. [g]
Weight [g]
1-472-00-00IGP 14-8-121414684Ø 8 - 123710014
1-472-01-00IGP 14-11-151414684Ø 11 - 153710014
1-472-02-00IGP 14-14-181414684Ø 14 - 183710015
1-472-03-00IGP 14-17-211414684Ø 17 - 213710016
1-472-04-00IGP 14-20-241414684Ø 20 - 243710016
1-472-05-00IGP 14-23-271414684Ø 23 - 273710017

Soft Touch coating consists of a high strength Elastomere Polyurethane and is applied in a proprietary multi step process in our factory. This coating is abrasion and slip resistant and silicone free. It dramatically reduces or even eliminates marking  of high gloss or other sensitive surfaces. EP working temperature is 194F  ( 90 C ) and short term temperature resistant of up to 266F ( 130 C )

Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm] Grip AreaF [mm]Suggested Payload 
Max. [g]
Weight [g]
1-473-00-00IGP 14-10-141414684Ø 10 - 143710014
1-473-01-00IGP 14-13-171414684Ø 13 - 173710014
1-473-02-00IGP 14-16-201414684Ø 16 - 203710015
1-473-03-00IGP 14-19-231414684Ø 19 - 233710016
1-473-04-00IGP 14-22-261414684Ø 22 - 263710016
1-473-05-00IGP 14-25-291414684Ø 25 - 293710017

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