HC Heat Controller

HC Heat Controller in conjunction with cartridge heater elements can be used to heat Thrust Cutter TC-40, TC-63 and Blade Holder KHR. The max temperature is set to 400F (240 C) at the heating element which translates to approx 350 F at the blade. Input voltage is 115V and the power cord is 51/2 ft with a U.S. household plug. They are designed for a stationary operation.

HC 20 works with Thrust Cutter TC 40 & Blade Holder KHR

HC 30 works with Thrust Cutter TC 63

HC 20 can power of up to 2 heater elements

HC 30 can power of up to 6 heater elements



Cartridge Heater Elements


A-12853 is a heater element with a thermocoupler for use with HC-20

A-13026 is a cartridge only to heat a 2nd blade for use with HC-20

A-13242 is a thermocoupler only for use with HC-30

A-13241 heater element only for use with HC-30

*Thermocoupler (probe) gives feedback to the Heat Controller

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