PGR Parallel Gripper

1 Air port

R Max. jaw length

Scope of delivery:
PGR / parallel gripper w/o jaws incl. mounting hardware

Every gripper will be delivered with an installation instruction.

If you require further information,
please contact us.

AP-PGR – Blank jaws

Sensor IRK 4 for gripper open/close monitoring

ASS parallel gripper are manufactured by SCHUNK


Part No.DescriptionClosing Force Max. [N]Air ConnectionStroke [mm]A [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]F [mm]
1-430-03-00PGR 2028M32x220151692432
1-430-06-00PGR 2531M32x3262018102634
1-430-09-00PGR 3265M52x4322522123343
1-430-12-00PGR 40110M52x6403226163951
1-430-15-00PGR 50175M52x8504030184660
1-430-18-00PGR 64200M52x10645235205470
Part No.DescriptionG [mm]H [mm]K [mm]L [mm]M [mm]N [mm]P [mm]R [mm]Weight [g]
1-430-03-00PGR 20M2.531393.513.542040.3
1-430-06-00PGR 25M33171141542561
1-430-09-00PGR 32M442214518532119.9
1-430-12-00PGR 40M442816623640199.4
1-430-15-00PGR 50M553418826.5750337.5
1-430-18-00PGR 64M5644241029864279

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