KPL Cross Joint Connector



Our most popular profile connector. It joins 2 profiles very rigidly ¬†in a 90 degree angle and allows adjustment during the frame assembly. The KPL connector comes in varies configurations¬†and allows profiles of different sizes to be joint. The numbers in the description specify which profile sizes can be joint. ( KPL JU 40-X25 joins a JU 40×40 with an X-25×25 profile)

Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]MaterialWeight [g]
1-120-55-00KPL L 18-1818183Aluminum36.7
1-120-57-00KPL X25-L1825184Aluminum61
1-120-65-00KPL X 25-2525254Aluminum61.3
1-120-70-00KPL X 50-2550254Aluminum110.3
1-120-75-00KPL X 50-5050504Aluminum180.9
1-120-76-00KPL JU40-X2540254Aluminum112
1-120-82-00KPL JU 40-4040404Aluminum112.7
1-120-83-00KPL JU80-X2580254Aluminum164
1-120-87-00KPL JU 80-4080404Aluminum187.1
1-120-93-00KPL JU 80-8080804Aluminum296.5
1-120-95-00KPL JU80-X5080504Aluminum227
1-120-98-00KPL JU40-X5040504Aluminum152

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