GRZ 32-PU Pull Gripper With Padded Jaws


The GRZ 32 grippers are designed to pull parts of a tool

  • Double action two airlines are required for open/close
  • PU inserts can handle up to 230 F (110 C)
  • Fits in all 20 mm clamps
  • Closing force at 87 psi (6 bar)
  • Maximum air pressure is 87 psi (6 bar)
  • Use dry and filtered air only
Part No.DescriptionClosing Force Max. [N] X- System JU- System A [mm] B [mm] C [mm]D [mm]
1-420-10-00GRZ 32 PUA350xx209.33033
Part No.DescriptionE [mm]F [mm]G ["]H [mm]L [mm]Weight [g]
1-420-10-00GRZ 32 PUA1270G1/849.550555

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