HUZ Single Stroke Pull Gripper

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HUZ grippers have a build in single-stroke of 20 or 30mm. They are used to pull a part out of a tool. A pull tab at the part is recommended. It is possible to install a PU padded jaw where the gripper touches the “A” surface.

The LG version has complete closing jaws. The CS version has a part present sensor build into the jaws. It requires a 8mm 3 pin female connector. KG 8-3 or KW 8-3 in the electrical section.

The gap in between the closed jaws of the CS version is 1 mm. The pull cylinder on both versions feature magnetic pistons which allows the use of an inductive sensor ICS 8 in the electrical section.

Part No. Description Theoretical Closing Force At 6 Bar [N] All Pistons Ø [mm] Part Present Part Present With Plug Stroke H [mm] 
1-743-12-00HUZ 32-30 LG35032No No30
1-740-18-00HUZ 32-30 CS PNP35032YesYes30
1-743-21-00HUZ 32-40 LG35032No No40
1-740-27-00HUZ 32-40 CS PNP35032YesYes40
Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]D [mm]E [mm]F Default Position [mm]Weight [g]
1-743-12-00HUZ 32-30 LG308050923041310
1-740-18-00HUZ 32-30 CS PNP308050923071355.5
1-743-21-00HUZ 32-40 LG308050923141371
1-740-27-00HUZ 32-40 CS PNP308050923171417

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