SWM OSK – EOAT Quick Change Chuck Without Pneumatic Connections


  • Classic dove tail quick changer made of Aluminium
  • Mechanical unit only, no pneumatic connectors
  • Easy exchange of the EOAT base plate from robot to robot
  • Short EOAT change over times
  • SWM 3-S OSK is made from steel



Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]E [mm]F [mm]G [mm]H [mm]K [mm]L [mm]T [mm]Weight [g]
1-000-40-00SWM 0 - OSK456038336037.543353010362
1-000-43-00SWM 1 - OSK85100585410057.563555010570
1-000-46-00SWM 2 - OSK141160101791601011308580121772
1-000-49-00SWM 3 - OSK231250150136250150186135169124010
1-000-53-00SWM 3-S -OSK231250150136250150186135169127165

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