GRZ 10-12-SCS gripper with saw jaws & sensor

Extension cable KG 8-3 2m (6 feet) length is included


  • Aggressive serration
  • Single action
  • With sensor and plug
  • Closing force at 6 bar
  • Maximum air pressure is
    6 bar
  • Use dry and filtered air only
Part No.DescriptionClosing Force Max. [N]L- SystemX- SystemA [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]F [mm]
1-412-37-00GRZ 10-12 SCS PNP28xx101242265
1-412-37-01GRZ 10-12 SCS NPN28xx101242265
Part No.DescriptionG [mm]G1 [mm]H [mm]K [mm]L [mm]M [mm]N [mm]Weight [g]
1-412-37-00GRZ 10-12 SCS PNP16.51.5M54.215224.558
1-412-37-01GRZ 10-12 SCS NPN16.51.5M54.215224.558

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