GRZ 20-20-SCS Gripper With Saw Jaws & Sensor

  • Jaw sensor detects part present
  • Available with PNP or NPN sensor
  • Highest closing force in it’s class, runner is securely¬†gripped
  • Synchronized jaw closing just like a parallel gripper
  • Jaws are made of hard coded aluminum, gripper body is made of anodized aluminum
  • Air fitting for 6 mm OD hose is included
  • Extension cable KG 8-3 2m
    (6 feet) length is included
Part No.DescriptionClosing ForceMax. [N]X-SystemJU-SystemWeight [g]
1-417-22-00GRZ 20-20 SCS PNP95XX148
1-417-22-01GRZ 20-20 SCS NPN95XX148