With more than 40 years in the industry, we are more than just a funny name! We at >ASS< are one of the industry leaders in innovation and production of End-Of-Arm-Tooling & automation components for the plastics industry. Utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques, we can provide quality in-house design/build for your automation needs. In need of a precise, high quality, accurate De-Gating station? Have that complicated insert job that needs expertise? Or are you looking to build your own EOAT but just need a starting point.  Consider the team at >ASS< and let your expectations be exceeded with the best customer service around!

Our Catalog

Download our full catalog of end of arm tooling components for easy reference, or order a physical copy. Each listing contains the necessary information from dimensions to material properties and more to help you find the right component for your automation needs.

>ASS< De-Gating Systems

De-gating systems are critical to plastics automation processes. Our robot controlled de-gating station is designed for ease of use, including a quick changer. We can assist you in 3D printing nesting blocks for precise positioning during the de-gating process.

Learn more about our Gate Cutting/De-Gating System

3D Printing Services

Need a custom-engineer solution? >ASS< designers and engineers can solve your production needs with 3D printing services! Work with us to design a detailed part for your automation process, and have it printed in just hours!

We can quickly consult, design, print, and ship custom parts for automation needs across the country!

Learn more about our 3D printing services in Michigan