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Robot controlled de-gating station

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The de-gater base features a quick changer to ease the change-over of different de-gater heads. It includes a junction box for the electrical interface, a valve package, which is controlled by the robot and a pneumatic shut-off, a pressure regulator and air filter.

The de-gater head has the tool-side quick changer installed. Two bushings are used to aid the line-up of the EOAT in the fixture. We recommend the use of the bushings in the mold as well. Nesting blocks are 3D printed from part data and they ensure that the part is in the proper position and doesn’t move while being de-gated.

The docking pins are making sure that the EOAT is lining up With the mold and the fixture. They are mounted to high precise suspensions. The EOAT uses padded nesting blocks and gripper fingers to securely keep the parts in position.


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De-gater head featuring slides, docking bushings and nesting blocks