DKS Mounting Bar

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DKS fits in L or X profiles, which enables the transition from the aluminum profile  to a tubular setup.


Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]Dimension B 
Pass Fit To Profile
C [mm]MaterialWeight [g]
1-110-10-00DKS L 10-601018L 18-10 or L 18-1860Aluminum28
1-110-20-00DKS X 14-801425X 25-25 or X 50-2580Aluminum51.4
1-110-25-00DKS X 20-502025X 25-25 or X 50-2550Aluminum62
1-110-30-00DKS X 20-1002025X 25-25 or X 50-25100Aluminum77.4

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