GRF-95 Gripper Finger

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Gripper Fingers also known as Finger Grippers are designed to engage with a part by flipping the fingertip behind a part or gripping the part’s edge.  Common applications for gripper fingers:
  • Supporting vacuum cups when a part sticks in the mold
  • When the part geometry does not allow the use of vacuum cups or grippers
  • Holding the part in place during high speed robot movements
  • Holding the part in place if the part is transferred to a secondary operation i. e. de-gating station
  • Used in fixtures to clamp a part in place
>ASS< gripper fingers are single action, spring return. To achieve the max holding force 87 PSI air pressure is required. A cam locking version GFD is also available
Featuring magnetic pistons for sensing open / close with optional sensor clamps and sensors
All versions are available with our soft-touch EP coating. Soft Touch coating consists of a high strength Elastomer Polyurethane and is applied in a proprietary multi step process in our factory. This coating is abrasion and slip resistant and silicone free. It dramatically reduces or even eliminates marking  of high gloss or other sensitive surfaces. EP working temperature is 194F  ( 90 C ) and short term temperature resistant of up to 266F ( 130 C )


Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]G [mm]H ["]W [°]Closing Force Max. [N]Weight [g]
1-451-03-00GRF 14-95 VA14156414M12x1M59512.523
1-451-04-00GRF 14-95 VA EP14156414M12x1M59512.523
1-450-06-00-1GRF 20-95 VA20209420M17x1G1/8954558
1-450-07-00-1GRF 20-95 VA EP20209420M17x1G1/8954558
1-450-23-00-1GRF 30-95 VA302913730M27x1G1/895140196
1-450-22-00-1GRF 30-95 VA EP302913730M27x1G1/895140196

 Sensor Brackets

The left picture shows the GRF-SH-MFS bracket, designed to install a teachable MFS T2 (magnetic field sensor) which detects two positions. The right picture shows the GRF-SH-ICS bracket designed for the ICS 8 sensor for detecting a single position.

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