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ZTE Docking Finger are designed to line up with the ZBU Bushing. If air is applied to the docking finger, a piston is expanding 4 steel balls which are positively locking into the ZBU bushing. ZTEs feature magnetic pistons which allow the use of a sensor for dock or no-dock signal. Applications that benefit from the use of Docking Fingers are any de-molding situations where the part is forced out of the tool or insert situations where a part is pushed into the tool. The combination of Docking Fingers in an EOAT and Bushings in a tool avoid any force going back to the robot. They are available in 2 sizes.

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Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]F [mm]L [mm]I ["]G [mm]Closing force 87 PSI [N]Weight [g]
1-747-20-00ZTE 20 V2015.5----87G1/8M17x135085
1-747-21-00ZBU 20 V--M526.73316----60
1-747-30-00ZTE 30 V3025.5----133.5G1/8M27x11500320
1-747-31-00ZBU 30 V--M640.743.526----270

Sensor Brackets

All ASS pneumatic actuated components feature magnetic pistons. This allows the sensing of the piston position using magnetic field sensors. The left picture shows the GRF-SH-MFS bracket, designed to install a teachable MFS T2 (magnetic field sensor) The right picture shows the GRF-SH-ICS bracket designed for the ICS 8 sensor. Two ICS 8 sensors can be fitted on every gripper finger including this docking finger.

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