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Part NoDescription
9-05-100-01-00TC Thermocouple
9-05-100-02-01HC 20-1 Heat Controller for 1 zone
9-05-100-02-02HC 20-1 Heat Controller for 2 zones
9-05-100-02-03HC 20-1 Heat Controller for 3 zones
9-05-100-02-04HC 20-1 Heat Controller for 4 zones

HC 20 Heat Controller

The HC 20 Heat Controller in conjunction with a heater cartridge can be used to heat Thrust Cutters TC-40, TC-63 and the Blade Holder KHR. The max temperature is set to 415F (213 C) at the heating element which translates to approx 350 F at the blade. The HC 20 can be configured to control up to for 4 zones. Each zone consists of a heater cartridge and a thermocouple. The thermocouple measures the temperature and sends it to the HC 20.

The input voltage is 115V and the power cord is 51/2 ft with a U.S. household plug. They are designed for a stationary operation.

Part NoDescription
9-05-100-01-02HT 40 Heater Cartridge for Thrust Cutter 40 and KHR Blade Holder
9-05-100-01-03HT 63 Heater Cartridge for Thrust Cutter 63







Cartridge Heater Elements


A-12853 is a heater element with a thermocoupler for use with HC-20

A-13026 is a cartridge only to heat a 2nd blade for use with HC-20

A-13242 is a thermocoupler only for use with HC-30

A-13241 heater element only for use with HC-30

*Thermocoupler (probe) gives feedback to the Heat Controller

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