ADK Profile End Caps

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End Caps improve the look of any EOAT and protect against injuries by covering sharp edges

Part No.DescriptionFor ProfileA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]Weight [g]Material
1-190-20-00ADK L 18-10L 18-10181040.7ABS
1-190-22-00ADK L 18-18L 18-18181841.3ABS
1-190-23-00ADK X 25-10X 25-10251040.8ABS
1-190-24-00ADK X 25-18X 25-18251841.3ABS
1-190-25-00ADK X 25-25X 25-25252541.6ABS
1-190-30-00ADK X 50-25X 50-25255042.9ABS
1-190-37-00ADK JU 40-40JU 40-40404043.8ABS
1-190-42-00ADK JU 80-40JU 80-40408048ABS

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