End-of-Arm Robotic Tooling


Every application requires a certain level of expertise… here at >ASS< we have them! Our talented team of designers are there to assist you with whatever your application requires. We take customer provided data and transform it into a completely custom functioning EOAT. Providing you with a precise “blueprint” layout of each EOAT, our designs include a Bill of Material list, as well as a customer specific pneumatic and electrical standard. Everything from a simple pick and place, a precise insert over-mold, an accurate stand-alone De-Gating station, to a custom 3D printed light weight solution; >ASS< has the experience and capabilities to make your project succeed.


Is your program so extensive you don’t know how your team is going to keep up? Our Build Team is here to see your project across the finish line. We specialize in large quantity, quick turnaround programs where organization and communication are paramount. We take conceptualized designs and breathe life into them. Our skilled team members are driven to produce high-quality EOATs that surpass all expectations. We adhere to a philosophy that a tool can be more than just function; to look good while performing its tasks flawlessly. >ASS< representatives are available to work with your team in a “mold trial” environment as well as at your production facility to ensure your tooling needs are not only met, but exceeded. Knowledge, experience, and professionalism are qualities not easily attained, however the Build Team at >ASS< represents those characteristics.

It is often necessary to manipulate the parts in the End-of-Arm Tool to be able to remove them from the tooling. In this case grippers are stretching the Parts and Grippers on rotary cylinders peel the part out of the tool.

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EOAT_4 Shown here, is an EOAT using vacuum cups mounted on cylinders, to grab the part from the side. This tool is made from  standard >ASS< components

Besides custom EOATs >ASS< designs and builds fixtures for complex de-gating applications. This unit is controlled via a PLC and uses an operator to load and unload automotive instrument panels.


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EOAT_Tooling7Custom EOAT build with spring compensated plates illustrate how standard and custom made >ASS< components compliment each other for a total solution.

EOAT_Tooling8Small parts handling is shown here with standard >ASS< ID gripper. Part present and short shoot detection is accomplished with Laser Sensors. The total EOAT is build from 100% Off-the-Shelf >ASS< EOAT components.