End-of-Arm Robotic Tooling

  Design & Build Service for End-of-Arm Tooling from simple to advanced

Pick-and-place, over-molding, placing inserts, stack mold applications, handling of cloth or other limp materials, cavity de-molding applications, de-gating in the eoat or standalone de-gaters, we at >ASS< End-of-Arm-Tooling have done it all for about 20 years. A dedicated team of design engineers, tool builders and program managers are here to handle your projects, small or large. Whenever possible we try to use standard components but when we must push the envelope, we integrate custom made components as well as 3 D printed parts. Aligning and docking to a mold, designing and building custom parts nest as well as integrating motion into an EOAT can increase the complexity of the tool to a level were your in-house capabilities are reaching their limits. Another specialty of ours is the capability of handling large eoat programs. The key here is to stay organized, matching part numbers with molds and asset tags as well as keeping all the CAD data organizedOur shipping department is experienced to deliver the tools to any domestic or international locations. 

It is often necessary to manipulate the parts in the End-of-Arm Tool to be able to remove them from the tooling. In this case grippers are stretching the Parts and Grippers on rotary cylinders peel the part out of the tool.

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EOAT_4 Shown here, is an EOAT using vacuum cups mounted on cylinders, to grab the part from the side. This tool is made from  standard >ASS< components

Besides custom EOATs >ASS< designs and builds fixtures for complex de-gating applications. This unit is controlled via a PLC and uses an operator to load and unload automotive instrument panels.


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EOAT_Tooling7Custom EOAT build with spring compensated plates illustrate how standard and custom made >ASS< components compliment each other for a total solution.

EOAT_Tooling8Small parts handling is shown here with standard >ASS< ID gripper. Part present and short shoot detection is accomplished with Laser Sensors. The total EOAT is build from 100% Off-the-Shelf >ASS< EOAT components.