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Up to 4 PNP sensors can be connected to this junction box. The KK1 has 4 inputs and 4 outputs. Each sensor has it’s own output or several sensors can be wired in series and those will create one output. If sensors are wired in series, the voltage will drop. The KK1 provides also the option for 4 sensors to be grouped in 2 x 2 sensors in series.
  • The lower screw terminal X1 is for the 24 Volt supply and the 4 outputs.
  • The upper screw terminals X2 are for the sensor wires. Active outputs are indicated by an Illuminated LED. The far left LED is illuminated if power is supplied.
  • Click on image to enlarge the wiring diagram


Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]F [mm]Number Of Electric TerminalsNumber Of InsertionWeight [g]
1-805-20-00KK 165651638.9401093133.6



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