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The LPL Box is a PLUG & PLAY junction box for all sensors requiring a 3 pin M8 connector cable. The box works with PNP and NPN style sensors. Via DIP switches 4 pre-programmed output configurations can be selected.

  1. Output 1 if all 8 inputs are high
  2. Output 1 if inputs 1-5 are high + Output 2 if inputs 6-8 are high
  3. Output 1 if inputs 1-6 are high + Output 2 if input 7+8 are high
  4. Output 1 if input 1+2 are high, Output 2 if input 3+4 are high, Output 3 if input 5+6 are high, Output 4 if input 7+8 are high


Outputs can be configured for NPN or PNP as well as NO or NC.

Mounting hardware for installing the LPL onto >ASS< profile is included see photo above.

Available accessories for the LPL Logic Box are:

KG 8-3 MF Sensor connector cables

KG 12-8 Output connector cable that plugs into the LPL Logic Box on one end and has leads on the other end to be connected to the robot or PLC controller

JP M8  Jumper plug for unused inputs


Part No.DescriptionRemarksL [mm]H [mm]W [mm]
1-805-19-00LPL-G-S-8Logic Box with 8 inputs and 4 outputs1308025
1-803-08-00KG 8-3 MFCable with M8 male + female connectors2 m (6')
1-803-12-00KG 12-8Cable with M12 connector + leads2 m (6')
1-808-11-00JP M8Jumper Plug M8

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