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UES Sensor Modules For Connecting PNP Sensors in Series

The sensor modules are plug-&-play and eliminate wiring. They are available for 4,8 and 10 inputs. The module UES-VSL10-0118 features 2 groups of  4 inputs. It generates one output for each group of 4 inputs. The other versions provide an AND logic which means that the outputs are ON if all inputs are ON. In addition they provide an OR logic which means that if only one input is high output 2 is high. Output 2 is low if no input is present.

Technical Data:  10 – 30 Volt, Max 1A outputs = 200mA each. Working Temp. -25C to 70C  1x LED for power, 1 LED for each input and 1 LED for each output, M8-3 female port for inputs. M12-5 female port for control cable. For PNP sensors only. Accessories need to be ordered separately.


UES-VK000042  Jumper Plug for inputs that are not used

1-803-12-00 KG 12-5   Interface Cable M12 with 5 pin male plug & leads on the other end

1-803-08-00 KG 8-3 MF  Sensor  extension cable M8 with 3 pin male on one end and female at the other end.

Part NoDescriptionInputsOutputsLogic
UES-VL310104Sensor Module 1x441AND/OR
UES-VL310108Sensor Module 1x881AND/OR
UES-VL310118Sensor Module 2x482AND
UES-VL31010ASensor Module 1x10101AND/OR