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UES Sensor Modules

These sensor modules are plug-&-play and eliminate wiring. They come with 4,8 and 10 inputs. There are two options for the output configuration. Option A: 2 groups of 4 inputs with one output for each group, 2 groups of 5 inputs with one output for each group. The 2 input group versions have an AND logic which means that the outputs are ON if all inputs in their group are ON. Option B: 4,8 and 10 inputs with AND/OR logic which means that one output is ON if all sensors are ON and one output is ON if at least one input is ON.

Technical Data:  10 – 30 Volt, Max 1A outputs = 200mA each. Working Temp. -25C to 70C  1x LED for power, 1 LED for each input and 1 LED for each output, M8-3 female port for inputs. M12-12 female port for control cable. For PNP sensors only. Accessories need to be ordered separately.


UES-VK000042  Jumper Plug for inputs that are not used

ULI-8075639  Interface Cable with M12 with 12 pin male plug with leads on the other end

1-803-08-00 KG 8-3 MF  Sensor cable M8 with 3 pin male on one end and female at the other end.

Part NoDescriptionInputsOutputsLogic
UES-VL310104Sensor Module 4x141AND/OR
UES-VL310108Sensor Module 8x181AND/OR
UES-VL310118Sensor Module 4x282AND
UES-VL31010ASensor Module 10x1101AND/OR




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