GAF Spring Compensated Gripper Arm for Vacuum Cups

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GAF Spring Compensated Gripper Arms for Vacuum Cups

GAF is an assembly consisting of a brass sleeve, a stainless steel spring and a hollow, hard coated aluminum tube with 3 threaded air ports. A is the port for a vacuum cup. The top side port is plugged and the bottom one is usually used for the fitting. If desired, the fitting can be switched to the top, the plug will fit and seal the bottom port. We do recommend a L fitting for use on the top port. The M version has a threaded sleeve and 2 clinch nuts. The material composition of the shaft and the sleeve provide a lifetime lubrication. The use of lubricants is not recommended because it will attract dirt and increases friction and wear.
M = Threaded Shaft for use in plates

Part No.DescriptionL SystemX SystemJU SystemA [mm] ["]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]H [mm]Spring Travel [mm]MaterialWeight [g]
1-356-00-00GAF U 10-M5-M5-10xx-M 510631025M 510St/Brass33
1-356-09-00GAF U M 10-M5-M5-10xx-M 510631025M 510St/Brass41
1-356-02-00GAF U 14-1/8-1/8-15-xxG1/816721425M 515Al/Brass51
1-356-03-00GAF U 14-1/8-1/8-40-xxG1/816971425M 540Al/Brass55
1-356-11-00GAF U M 14-1/8-1/8-15-xxG1/816721425M 515Al/Brass69
1-356-12-00GAF U M 14-1/8-1/8-40-xxG1/816971425M 540Al/Brass73
1-356-04-00GAF U 20-1/4-1/8-20-xxG1/4201092050G1/820Al/Brass126
1-356-05-00GAF U 20-1/4-1/8-50-xxG1/4201392050G1/850Al/Brass134
1-356-13-00GAF U M 20-1/4-1/8-20-xxG1/4201092050G1/820Al/Brass167
1-356-14-00GAF U M 20-1/4-1/8-50-xxG1/4201392050G1/850Al/Brass175

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