GSE Gripper Arm for Vacuum Cups

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GSE Gripper Arms

GSE is a hollow tube with 3 threaded air ports. B is the receiver for a vacuum cup. The C ports are for the vacuum fitting. The top one is plugged and the bottom one is usually used for the fitting. If desired, the fitting can be switched to the top, the plug will fit and seal the bottom port. We do recommed a L fitting for use on the top.

Part No.DescriptionLSystemXSystemJUSystemA [mm]B [mm]
C [mm]
D [mm]L [mm]MaterialWeight [g]
1-311-00-00GSE U 10-M5-M5-30xx-10M 5M 51630Aluminum7.4
1-311-01-00GSE U 10-M5-M5-60xx-10M 5M 51660Aluminum10.6
1-311-02-00GSE U 10-M5-M5-90xx-10M 5M 51690Aluminum14.4
1-311-03-00GSE U 10-1/8-M5-30xx-10G1/8M 51630Aluminum8.4
1-311-04-00GSE U 10-1/8-M5-60xx-10G1/8M 51660Aluminum12.2
1-311-05-00GSE U 10-1/8-M5-90xx-10G1/8M 51690Aluminum14.9
1-311-06-00GSE U 14-1/8-1/8-40-x-14G1/8G1/82240Aluminum20
1-311-07-00GSE U 14-1/8-1/8-80-x-14G1/8G1/82280Aluminum28
1-311-08-00GSE U 14-1/8-1/8-120-x-14G1/8G1/822120Aluminum36.5
1-311-09-00GSE U 20-1/4-1/8-50-xx20G1/4G1/82350Aluminum36.7
1-311-10-00GSE U 20-1/4-1/8-100-xx20G1/4G1/823100Aluminum51.6
1-311-11-00GSE U 20-1/4-1/8-150-xx20G1/4G1/823150Aluminum68

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