ANS Gripper Finger Clamping Bracket

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Can be used with GRF 90 or 95 style gripper finger for clamping the part or ZTB Centering Pins to position a part
Now available in 5 versions
  • PA          = Bare Plastic
  • EP S       = EP coated
  • EP B       = EP coated extra wide
  • PA K       = Bare Plastic curved
  • PA K EP = EP coated curved
In conjunction with the EP coating this finger gripper bracket is ideally suited for handling sensitive parts. The curved versions are  designed  for contoured parts.

Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]MaterialWeight [g]R1
1-490-02-00ANS 10 PA10203125.5-Plastic5
1-490-20-00-1ANS 14 PA14243310-Plastic17
1-490-09-00-1ANS 20 PA20304127-Plastic 16
1-490-12-00-1ANS 30 PA30404527-Plastic 38
1-490-50-00ANS 14 PA EP S142034269Plastic / EP7
1-490-51-00ANS 20 PA EP S 2030423810Plastic / EP17
1-490-52-00ANS 20 PA EP B2030473815Plastic / EP24
1-490-53-00ANS 30 PA EP B3044653823Plastic / EP39
1-490-70-00ANS 14 PA K14203324.5-Plastic724.54
1-490-71-00ANS 20 PA K20304135.5-Plastic1735.54.5
1-490-75-00ANS 14 PA K EP14203324.5-Plastic / EP17204
1-490-76-00ANS 20 PA K EP20304135.535.5Plastic / EP1735.54.5


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