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Part NoDescriptionMaterialCoatingABCDEWEIGHT
1-790-64-00DST 14-25-ABS-EPABSEP1452530255
1-790-65-00DST 14-25 ABS BFABSFLOCK1452530255
1-790-69-00DST 14-24 PTFEPTFE14525302510
1-790-95-00DST EPU CABEPUN/A8N/AN/A273
1-790-99-00DST GLA 20-14AL
DST Contact Plates have a 14 mm stem which fits in our 14mm clamps and arms. In conjunction with the DST GLA 20-14 they can supplement the functionality of our GRF 20 size gripper fingers by allowing them to clamp the work piece. The contact area is 25 mm ( 1”) and they come in three different materials a) PTFE (Nylon) EP coating and Flocking.
An EPU Cab is available as a replaceable padding for the DST PTFE contact plate.