GFD-90 Cam Locking Gripper Finger

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  • The finger tip thread for the GFD 20-90 is M4 and the GFD 30-90 has a M5 thread. Conventional gripper fingers hold the part as long as air pressure is supplied. If the air supply is interrupted, the gripper finger opens and the part drops.
  • The GFD gripper finger locks in the closed position (90°).
  • The finger opens as soon as the release port is supplied with air pressure.
  • The GFD includes an adjustable clamping plate.
  • A magnetic piston allows for sensing the finger tip position with an optional sensor.
  • Available with an EP coated fingertip


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Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]F ["]G [mm]H [mm]I [mm]W [°]Closing Force Max. [N]Weight [g]
1-450-10-00GFD 20-90202310320M5G 1/8M17x10-344090110100
1-450-11-00GFD 20-90 EP202310320M5G 1/8M17x10-344090110100
1-450-24-00GFD 30-90303213430M5G 1/8M 27x10-465790160270
1-450-30-00GFD 30-90 EP 303213430M5G 1/8M 27x10-465790160270

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