VS2 HE Two Bellow Vacuum Cup

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Material HE (high temperature Elastomer) features good non-marking characteristics


SWF allen wrench   B1 relaxed position     B2 compressed position

Unique ASS mounting method. With open end wrench from the top or with allen wrench from the bottom.

Holding force: Is a theoretical value at -0.6 bar vacuum on a dry, smooth and flat surface. There is no safety factor built in.

Part No.DescriptionA1 [mm]A2 [mm]B [mm]B1 [mm]B2 [mm]C [mm]
D [mm]SWE [mm]SWF [mm]Weight [g]
1-222-10-82VS 2-10-HE51012162117M55724.3
1-222-15-82VS 2-15-HE5151719.524.517.5M55725
1-222-15-83VS 2-15-HE8151719.524.517.5G1/8813311.8
1-222-20-83VS 2-20-HE82224212718.5G1/8813413.3
1-222-30-83VS 2-30-HE83036273223G1/8813520.4
1-222-40-83VS 2-40-HE8404627.63222G1/8813525
1-222-50-83VS 2-50-HE85058.527.63227G1/8813532.2
1-222-75-84VS 2-75-HE8788441.55026.5G1/410175109.8
Part No. Cup with AdapterCup with AdapterCup onlyPart No. Cup onlyMaterialWorking Area
Operating [cm2]Holding Force [N]PushFitTapped
1-222-10-82VS 2-10-HE5VN 2-10-HE1-222-10-80HE5.10.20.95x-
1-222-15-82VS 2-15-HE5VN 2-15-HE1-222-15-80HE7.90.492.3x-
1-222-20-83VS 2-20-HE8VN 2-20-HE1-222-20-80HE110.824.8x-
1-222-30-83VS 2-30-HE8VN 2-30-HE1-222-30-80HE172.2713.6x-
1-222-40-83VS 2-40-HE8VN 2-40-HE1-222-40-80HE223.822.8x-
1-222-50-83VS 2-50-HE8VN 2-50-HE1-222-50-80HE338.5551.3x-
1-222-75-84VS 2-75-HE4VN 2-75-HE1-222-75-80HE5523.76139.8-x

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