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IGB Expansion grippers are mechanical actuated. A pneumatically energized piston moves forward and compresses a sleeve which expands. An internal spring brings the IGB back into its default stage.
Part Present detection: A through hole, from the bottom to the top, allows vacuum to be drawn if the sleeve can seal-off the area in front of it. A vacuum cup can be installed to increase the pulling force and in addition, it can be used as a blow-off to decrease cycle time by releasing the part quicker.
Sensing IGB status: IGBs 27 and up feature a magnetic piston. In conjunction with a magnetic field sensor the relaxed and/or expanded stage can be monitored  
Sleeves: IGBs come with an EPDM sleeve. The standard EPDM sleeve has an average service life of 500,000 cycles. An optional Silicone sleeve has an average service life of 1,000,000 cycles.
Bench Testing: Send us your part and we can find the best ID-gripping solution for your application.

Part No.DescriptionABCD1D2G1G2G3G4WEIGHT
1-474-00-00IGB 81452.713811M10x1M5M3M214
1-474-00-01IGB 101454.21310.514M10x1M5M3M215
1-474-00-02IGB 121455.5131317M12x1M5M3M318
1-474-00-03IGB 141455.8131519.5M12x1M5M3M319
1-474-00-04IGB 1818651419.525M12x1M5M5M387
1-474-00-05IGB 2221.575.5152431.5M14x1M5M5M3107
1-474-00-06IGB 272588182837M16x1M5M5M5120
1-474-00-07IGB 3330109253445M22x1.5G 1/8M5G 1/8145
1-474-00-08IGB 4140126.5254254M22x1.5G 1/8M5G 1/8253
1-474-00-09IGB 5150159325468M26x1.5G 1/8G 1/8G 1/8499
1-474-00-10IGB 6360189326685M26x1.5G 1/8G 1/8G 1/8804
Part No.DescriptionH1H2SW1SW2SensorSleveGripperReplacementSilicon
WrenchWrenchCapableMaterialBodyEPDM SleveSleve
1-474-00-00IGB 8731313EPDMAL1-474-70-001-474-71-00
1-474-00-01IGB 108.541313EPDMAL1-474-70-011-474-71-01
1-474-00-02IGB 1210.551513EPDMAL1-474-70-021-474-71-02
1-474-00-03IGB 141361513EPDMAL1-474-70-031-474-71-03
1-474-00-04IGB 1816.591516EPDMAL1-474-70-041-474-71-04
1-474-00-05IGB 2221111719EPDMAL1-474-70-051-474-71-05
1-474-00-06IGB 2726141922xEPDMAL1-474-70-061-474-71-06
1-474-00-07IGB 3332.5182728xEPDMAL1-474-70-071-474-71-07
1-474-00-08IGB 4139.5242736xEPDMAL1-474-70-081-474-71-08
1-474-00-09IGB 5148303245xEPDMAL1-474-70-091-474-71-09
1-474-00-10IGB 6361363254xEPDMAL1-474-70-101-474-71-10