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Small gripper with built in sensor for part present detection
  • Fits in all 10 mm clamps
  • CF Version with serrated jaw
  • WK Version with grooved jaw for soft materials
  • EP Version with coated jaw for sensitive parts (A surface)
  • Sensor is available in  PNP or NPN
  • Cable length is 2 meter (6′)
  • One picture shows a gripper with the optional VLU extension

Part No.Description A [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]F [mm]G [mm]G1 [mm]H [mm]K [mm]L [mm]    
1-408-25-00GRZ 10-08 CF PNP101211.5357101.2M54.215
1-408-26-00GRZ 10-08 CF NPN101211.5357101.2M54.215
1-408-19-00GRZ 10-08 C WK PNP101211.5357101.2M54.215
1-408-20-00GRZ 10-08 C WK NPN101211.5357101.2M54.215
1-408-21-00GRZ 10-08 CF EP PNP101211.5357101.2M54.215
1-408-22-00GRZ 10-08 CF EP NPN101211.5357101.2M54.215
Part No.DescriptionClosing Force Max. [N]K [mm}L [mm]Weight [g]
1-408-25-00GRZ 10-08 CF PNP19M41063.8
1-408-26-00GRZ 10-08 CF NPN19M41063.8
1-408-19-00GRZ 10-08 C WK PNP19M41063.8
1-408-20-00GRZ 10-08 C WK NPN19M41063.8
1-408-21-00GRZ 10-08 CF EP PNP19M41063.8
1-408-22-00GRZ 10-08 CF EP NPN19M41063.8

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