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PGR-P Parallel Gripper with advanced sensing features

Parallel grippers are used to precisely grip components and require custom made jaws in order to do so. Part grip verification is for most parallel grippers an afterthought. The PGR-P is specifically designed to provide 3 different sensing options.
The picture with the blue jaws shows the part present sensing option. The optional trigger bracket mounted on the right, precisely triggers the high precise inductive sensors. Jaw movements of 1 mm or less can be detected and will trigger the sensors. In the case of this setup, one sensor triggers if the jaws stop because the part is gripped. The second sensor will be triggered if no part is present and the jaws over-travel to the fully closed position.
Part NoDescriptionAir PortStrokeHoseABCDEFGH
[mm]Size O.D.[mm][mm][mm][mm][mm][mm][mm][mm]
1-431-09-00PGR-P 32M52x443225231238.849M4M5
1-431-12-00PGR-P 40M52x64403227164860M4M5
1-431-15-00PGR-P 50M52x865040311857.571.5M5M6
1-431-18-00PGR-P 64M52x106645236206782.9M5M8
Part NoDescriptionKLMNPRSTUVWeight
1-431-09-00PGR-P 322214522.5640208.53M5101
1-431-12-00PGR-P 40281662765026146.5M5184
1-431-15-00PGR-P 50341883176433167.5M5306
1-431-18-00PGR-P 6444241032.5880471610M5526

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The picture above shows 2 round inductive sensors, mounted using the included sensor bracket. This setup is recommended for jaw open/close sensing.

The picture above shows jaw open/close detection, using the MFS T2 3.7 programmable magnetic field switch. This setup is recommended if the option above is not feasible due to space constrain. This sensor outputs 2 signals which can be easily programmed for jaws open & close

The third jaw open/close detection uses 2 C-Slot magnetic switches ICS 8, the same ones that are used in pneumatic cylinders. This option again is recommended if the mounting of the gripper prohibits option 1 and a programmable sensor is not desired.

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