EPL End Plate

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Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]F [mm]G [mm]T [mm]For ProfileCompatible WithMaterialWeight [g]
1-122-81-00EPL X 1-25-2510070308852185.53X 25-25GPM 1 XAluminum34
1-122-83-00EPL X 1-50-259570507070255.53X 50-25GPM 1 XAluminum57
1-122-85-00EPL X 2-25-2515012030138102185.53X 25-25GPM 2 XAluminum34
1-122-87-00EPL X 2-50-2514512050120120255.53X 50-25GPM 2 XAluminum57
1-122-89-00EPL X 3-25-2523020030218182185.53X 25-25GPM 3 XAluminum57
1-122-91-00EPL X 3-50-2522520050200200255.53X 50-25GPM 3 XAluminum88
1-122-94-00EPL JU 3-40-4024520045232168326.65JU 40-40GPM 3 JUAluminum126
1-122-96-00EPL JU 3-80-4024520085232168726.65JU 80-40GPM 3 JUAluminum251

An EPL ( End Plate) adds rigidness to an EOAT frame. They are designed to work with a certain GPM (Base Plate) size and profile size using the the key below

Example: EPL X 1 25×25 = End Plate for X profile, Base Plate GPM Sz 1 for 25×25 size profile