KPL Cross Joint Connector

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Our most popular profile connector. It joins 2 profiles very rigidly  in a 90 degree angle and allows adjustment during the frame assembly. The KPL connector comes in varies configurations and allows profiles of different sizes to be joint. The numbers in the description specify which profile sizes can be joint. ( KPL JU 40-X25 joins a JU 40×40 with an X-25×25 profile)

Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]MaterialWeight [g]
1-120-55-00KPL L 18-1818183Aluminum36.7
1-120-57-00KPL X25-L1825184Aluminum61
1-120-65-00KPL X 25-2525254Aluminum61.3
1-120-70-00KPL X 50-2550254Aluminum110.3
1-120-75-00KPL X 50-5050504Aluminum180.9
1-120-76-00KPL JU40-X2540254Aluminum112
1-120-82-00KPL JU 40-4040404Aluminum112.7
1-120-83-00KPL JU80-X2580254Aluminum164
1-120-87-00KPL JU 80-4080404Aluminum187.1
1-120-93-00KPL JU 80-8080804Aluminum296.5
1-120-95-00KPL JU80-X5080504Aluminum227
1-120-98-00KPL JU40-X5040504Aluminum152

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