GHV EOAT Storage Fixture

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Storage Solution for EOATs

Your precious End-of-Arm Tool does not belong on the shop floor, it needs to be protected and hung up on a wall or a storage fixture. The GHVs are available in all of our GPM dove tail base plate sizes.
Each plate is designed to mount on our 25×25. 25×50, 40×40 or 40×80 profile. Channel nuts and screws are included.

Part No.DescriptionStorage Fixture forA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]Material
1-006-03-00GHV 01GPM 016050102540Aluminum
1-006-06-00GHV 0GPM 06070102540Aluminum
1-006-09-00GHV 1GPM 160110102540Aluminum
1-006-12-00GHV 2GPM 2100170122540Aluminum
1-006-15-00GHV 3GPM 3120270122540Aluminum

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