GPR / Base Plate Size Reducer

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  • For use in dove-tail style quick changer SWM
  • Adapter plate allows a smaller base plate GPM size in a larger SWM quick changer
  • Dimension C = height of GPM base plate installed in the base plate reducer

Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]AdaptionMaterialWeight [g]
1-005-81-00-1GPR 1-01001518GPM 0 SWM 1Aluminum275
1-005-83-00-1GPR 2-11601517GPM 1 SWM 2Aluminum710
1-005-85-00GPR 3-12002022GPM 1 SWM 3Aluminum2725
1-005-86-00-1GPR 3-22002023GPM 2 SWM 3Aluminum2395

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