VS 1 PN – Vacuum Cup For Sheet Metal

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1 bellow vacuum cup for sheet metal

PN is a special design for sheet metal applications.

It can also be used for a plastic application to prevent the part from sliding in EOAT .

These Vacuum Cups are fully intergrated with the ASS EOAT Kit.

Material: PN Perbunan (color: blue)

Material specifications:
***** = Very High
*** = High
* Low

Hardness: 55+/-5

Working Temperature: -30°C to 100°C (-4°F to 212°F)

Tear Resistance: ****

Aging Properties: *****

Abrasion Resistance: ****

Oil & Grease Resistance: ****

Application: Sheet metal

Part No.Cup with AdapterA [mm]B [mm]B1 [mm]B2 [mm]C ["]D [mm]SW [mm]MaterialWeight [g]
1-225-03-00VS 1-30 PN 430132017G1/41017PN31
1-225-06-00VS 1-40 PN 440152218G1/41017PN34
1-225-09-00VS 1-50 PN 450182824G1/41022PN51
1-225-12-00VS 1-60 PN 460203126G1/41022PN68
1-225-15-00VS 1-80 PN 480253630G1/41022PN88
1-225-18-00VS 1-100 PN 4100263630G1/41022PN100
1-225-21-00VS 1-125 PN 4125344336G1/41022PN185

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