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VS 3-70-DD has a G 3/4 female molded adapter. A G3/4 female to G1/4 male reducer is included
Part NoDescriptionABCDEWeight
Cup & Adapter[mm][mm][mm][mm][mm][g]
1-226-20-00VS 3-20-DD821251012144
1-226-30-00VS 3-30-DD830311017147
1-226-40-00VS 3-40-DD4404315222118
1-226-50-00VS 3-50-DD4505115282837
1-226-70-00VS 3-70-DD4706013392865
Part NoDescriptionPart NoThreadHolding Force
Cup & AdapterCup only[N]
1-226-20-00VS 3-20-DD81-226-20-10G 1/86.2
1-226-30-00VS 3-30-DD81-226-30-10G 1/88
1-226-40-00VS 3-40-DD41-226-40-10G 1/414.4
1-226-50-00VS 3-50-DD41-226-50-10G 1/422.8
1-226-70-00VS 3-70-DD4N/AG 1/448.3



Suitable for very uneven and heavy textured surfaces

The Blue/Blue vacuum cups are made from a specially developed material that features the elasticity of rubber and wear resistance of polyurethane. They have the same material properties as the Green-Yellow OEM cups.

They are constructed in two different durometers. Light blue bellow is 60 shore and the dark blue sealing surface is 30 shore.

Temperature rating up to 198°F

VS 3 = 3 bellows, two digit number = OD

DD5 = M5 Male Adapter

DD-8 = Male G1/8 Adapter

DD-4 = Male G1/4 Adapter

Adapter and filter are included

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