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Part No.DescriptionABCHEFWEIGHT
1-414-15-00AAE 1450325015GRZ 14PLASTIC47
1-417-15-00AAE 20603761.522GRZ 20-20PLASTIC60
In order to overcome an unwanted side effect of grippers with a high closing force, is that especially hot and soft plastic materials have the tendency to stick at the open gripper jaws. In order to avoid this, ASS offers a sprue-push-off device.
The AAE Sprue Pusher is 3D printed from a durable plastic material in order to save weight. It is actuated by a pneumatic micro barrel cylinder. A spring returns the pusher back into its default position.
The AAE Sprue Pusher is available for the GRZ 14 and the GRZ 20-20 gripper models.
The AAE Kit includes:
  • sprue-push unit
  • M3 fitting for 4mm hose
  • hose reducer from 6mm to 4mm hose
  • 3′ (1 meter) 4mm hose
Gripper is not included