WSS Vacuum Cup Angle Connector

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  • 2 vacuum ports (one port is plugged) for series connection
  • WSS connects a vacuum cup very close to the profile. This connector is used when there is restricted access.

Part No.DescriptionA [mm] ["]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm] ["]E [mm]F [mm]MaterialWeight [g]
1-200-05-00WSS L M5-M5M 51613.5M 5418Aluminum17.1
1-200-10-00WSS X 1/8-1/8G1/82521.5G1/87.525Aluminum42.5
1-200-15-00WSS X 1/4-1/8G1/42521.5G1/87.525Aluminum44
1-200-22-00WSS JU 1/4-1/8G1/43030G1/81040Aluminum66.1

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