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The ASS Micro Vacuum Cups  (VS) have a push-fit connection to the M3 male adapter. The cups are available with 2 bellows (VS2) and 3 bellows (VS3). They are also available without adapter  (VN)
The material selections are Nitrile (N) Silicone (S) and HE a high temperature resistent Polyurethane with low marking characteristics.
See tables below for dimensions.
Part No.DescriptionDescriptionABCDEF
1-222-04-17VN 2-4-NNitril Suction Cup43.855.6
1-222-04-18VS 2-4-N3Nitril Cup + Adapter43.855.6M335
1-222-04-27VN 2-4-SSilicone Suction Cup43.855.6
1-222-04-28VS 2-4-S3Silicone Cup + Adapter43.855.6M335
1-222-04-87VN 2-4-HEHE Suction Cup43.855.6
1-222-04-88VS 2-4-HE3HE Cup + Adapter43.855.6M335
1-222-06-17VN 2-6-NNitril Suction Cup67.29
1-222-06-18VS 2-6-N3Nitril Cup + Adapter67.29M335
1-222-06-27VN 2-6-SSilicone Suction Cup67.29
1-222-06-28VS 2-6-S3Silicone Cup + Adapter67.29M335
1-222-06-87VN 2-6-HEHE Suction Cup67.29
1-222-06-88VS 2-6-HE3HE Cup + Adapter67.29M335
1-222-11-17VN 2-11-NNitril Suction Cup111016
1-222-11-18VS 2-11-N3Nitril Cup + Adapter111016M335
1-222-11-27VN 2-11-SSilicone Suction Cup111016
1-222-11-28VS 2-11-S3Silicone Cup + Adapter111016M355
1-222-11-87VN 2-11-HEHE Suction Cup111016
1-222-11-88VS 2-11-HE3HE Cup + Adapter111016M335


Part No.DescriptionDescriptionABCDEF
1-223-05-17VN 3-5-NNitril Suction Cup5714
1-223-05-18VS 3-5-N3Nitril Cup + Adapter5714M335
1-223-05-27VN 3-5-SSilicone Suction Cup5714
1-223-05-28VS 3-5-S3Silicone Cup + Adapter5714M335
1-223-05-87VN 3-5-HEHE Suction Cup5714
1-223-05-88VS 3-5-HE3HE Cup + Adapter5714M335
1-223-07-17VN 3-7-NNitril Suction Cup7914
1-223-07-18VS 3-7-N3Nitril Cup + Adapter7914M335
1-223-07-27VN 3-7-SSilicone Suction Cup7914
1-223-07-28VS 3-7-S3Silicone Cup + Adapter7914M335
1-223-07-87VN 3-7-HEHE Suction Cup7914
1-223-07-88VS 3-7-HE3HE Cup + Adapter7914M335

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