WSL Universal Long Angle Clamp

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  • The WSL clamp allows greater mounting flexibility.
  • Has same allen screw size for clamping and channel nuts.

Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]MaterialWeight [g]
1-105-07-00WSL L 10-40 U101616404Aluminum21.4
1-105-17-00WSL X 14-50 U142021506Aluminum41.5
1-105-22-00WSL X 20-60 U202524606Aluminum53.3
1-105-32-00WSL JU 20-70 U203531707.5Aluminum116.2
1-105-42-00WSL JU 30-70 U3035307010Aluminum135

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