WST – Universal Angle Clamp

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The WST clamp is ideal for mounting components close to the profile,. The intuitive design provides some flexibility, up to 4 different positions, depending of the WST version. For more info please see the mounting position table below.
Part No.DescriptionMounting OptionsA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]MaterialWeight [g]
1-103-00-00WST L 10 U1 & 21016164Aluminum17.1
1-103-03-00WST L 14 U1 & 21420186Aluminum26.4
1-103-06-00WST X 10 U1 & 2101619.54Aluminum18.4
1-103-09-00WST X 14 U1 & 2142021.56Aluminum33.2
1-103-12-00WST X 20 U1,2,3,4202517.5 - 32.56Aluminum39.6
1-103-15-00WST X 30 U1,2,3303522.5 - 37.510Aluminum79.7
1-103-18-00WST JU 20 U1 & 22025327.5Aluminum57.8
1-103-21-00WST JU 30 U1,2,3 304027- 4710Aluminum117.3