GAZ-S Swivel Mounting Arm for KHZ & SZD Cylinders

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New Component

The GAZ-S Swivel Arm is designed for mounting KHZ and SZD cylinders. It provides 180 degree of adjustment for the cylinder. GAZ-S is made of aluminum.

Part NoDescriptionCompatibleABCDLSwivelWeight
1-720-04-00GAZ S 12-10-30KHZ/SZD 12102237153018017
1-720-07-00GAZ S 12-10-60KHZ/SZD 12102237156018020
1-720-10-00GAZ S 12-10-90KHZ/SZD 12102237159018024
1-720-13-00GAZ S 12-14-40KHZ/SZD 12142237134018038
1-720-16-00GAZ S 12-14-80KHZ/SZD 12142237136018046
1-720-19-00GAZ S 12-14-120KHZ/SZD 12142237139018055
1-720-22-00GAZ S 20-20-50KHZ/SZD 20203652205018080
1-720-25-00GAZ S 20-20-100KHZ/SZD 202036522010018096
1-720-28-00GAZ S 20-20-150KHZ/SZD 2020365220150180111
1-720-31-00GAZ S 32-20-50KHZ/SZD 32204866205018086
1-720-34-00GAZ S 32-20-100KHZ/SZD 3220486620100180101
1-720-37-00GAZ S 32-20-150KHZ/SZD 3220486620150180117

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