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KHZ cylinders are all double acting with magnetic pistons. The ICS sensors can be fitted to the cylinder. They come in 12, 20 and 32mm bore. Cylinders with NON-ROTATING shafts are available upon request. For mounting options see Cylinder & Slide Accessories section.

Part No.DescriptionPiston Ø [mm]A [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm] ["]GS [mm]AS [mm]Stroke [mm]SensorWeight [g]
1-710-09-00KHZ 12-5 DA12M 321.93.5M 525.530.55ICS43.6
1-710-12-00KHZ 12-10 DA12M 321.93.5M 530.540.510ICS51.4
1-710-39-00KHZ 20-5 DA20M 536.15.5M 539445ICS118.8
1-710-42-00KHZ 20-10 DA20M 536.15.5M 5445410ICS125.2
1-710-45-00KHZ 20-20 DA20M 536.15.5M 5547420ICS166.3
1-710-48-00KHZ 20-30 DA20M 536.15.5M 5649430ICS198.3
1-710-69-00KHZ 32-5 DA32M 848.15.51/8"45505ICS213.7
1-710-72-00KHZ 32-10 DA32M 848.15.51/8"506010ICS236.5
1-710-75-00KHZ 32-20 DA32M 848.15.51/8"608020ICS284.2
1-710-78-00KHZ 32-30 DA32M 848.15.51/8"7010030ICS329
1-710-82-00KHZ 32-50 DA32M 848.15.51/8"7012050ICS498