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Part No.DescriptipnABCDStroke HSwitchWeight
1-770-00-00SFP NO176127M17x14620NO108
1-772-00-00SFP NC176127M17x14620NC108
1-770-00-08Soft SpringNC108


The SFP Robot Guide sends a signal (NC) until the plunger is pushed 5mm into its barrel housing. A typical application is the de-stacking of parts from a magazine or guiding the robot into the moving side of a machine (platen) when the distance between the EOAT and the tool is critical as it is for insert applications.  The SFP can also be ordered with a NO sensor. In this case the sensor would give a signal after the plunger is 5mm pushed into the barrel housing. We offer a softer spring to reduce tension as an accessory.
The SFP is NOT A SAFTEY DEVICE. It can only be used in a manner that there would be no harm to humans or equipment if the sensor should fail. The SFP is recommended for 2,000,000 cycles and should be replaced after that.

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