GRF-90 Gripper Finger

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Gripper Fingers also known as Finger Grippers are designed to engage with a part by flipping the fingertip behind a part or gripping the part’s edge.
Common applications for gripper fingers
  • Supporting vacuum cups when a part sticks in the mold
  • When the part geometry does not allow the use of vacuum cups or grippers
  • Holding the part in place during high speed robot movements
  • Holding the part in place if the part is transferred to a secondary operation i. e. de-gating station
  • Used in fixtures to clamp a part in place
>ASS< gripper fingers are single action, spring return. Featuring magnetic pistons for sensing open / close with optional sensor clamps and sensors
To achieve the max holding force 87 PSI air pressure is required. A cam locking version GFD is also available
Part No.DescriptionA [mm]B [mm]C [mm]D [mm]E [mm]G [mm]W Min. [°]H ["]Closing ForceMax. [N]X- SystemJU-SystemWeight [g]
1-451-09-00GRF-14-90 VA14958614M12x190°M540xx23
1-450-15-00-1GRF 20-90 VA201383620M17x190°G1/8100xx57.7
1-450-29-00-1GRF 30-90 VA3020123.51130M27x190°G1/8230xx193.9
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