GRZ 14 PS CS Gripper with Parrot Jaw & Sensor

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Parrot style jaws are designed to pull gates or runners from ejector pins. The parrot beacon acts like a hook and traps the runner in the jaws while the sensor provides gate/sprue present confirmation. An extension cable KG 8-3 with 2 meter long cable is included as well as a push-in air fitting for 6mm O.D. hose.
Part NoDescriptionABCDEFGG1HKLClosing ForceWeight
1-414-23-00GRZ 14 PS CS PNP141130106097202M123197571
1-414-24-00GRZ 14 PS CS NPN141130106097202M123197571


The version with an internal port for the fitting is discontinued and replaced by a version with an external port . A M5 fitting for 6mm O.D. hose is supplied. The side port is still available.